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Online shopping that supports unpaid workers and the environment

I first heard about Lost Stock when someone I follow on Instagram (Grace Beverley) shared something about it on her stories – I was intrigued so I checked out their page.

Due to the global pandemic, high street brands from across the world have cancelled clothing orders in excess of $2 billion USD – clothing that has already been produced, meaning the workers have been left unpaid. Not only does this put them at risk of starvation, but it also means that thousands of tonnes of clothing could end up in landfill.

This is where Lost Stock comes in. The business supports these workers and their families by selling the clothing at a 50% discount to consumers. For just £35 a box, you receive a minimum of three items of clothing worth at least £70. You get to choose your gender, size and style preferences, so they can match the products to you as best as possible. Each order supports a worker and their family for a week.

Now, I’m not a big fan of shopping, whether online or on the high street. I’ve inherited my hatred of shopping in town from my mum, and my recent interest in the environment has meant I have tried to minimise the amount of clothes I buy first-hand from high street shops. But I do think this is a great initiative and for the shopaholics out there, you really should get involved in supporting this cause!

The other reason I’m sharing this on my blog and social media pages is because they recently announced Lost Stock boxes for kids! As my audience is predominantly made up of parents and grandparents, I thought it would be great to share it with you so that you can benefit from discounted kids’ clothes, as well as doing your bit for the workers and our environment.

The boxes work in a similar way – you answer a few questions about your children and their preferences, and you receive at least 5 items in your box (also £35).

As this is a completely new set-up, the logistics have understandably been very tricky, so current delivery is 6-8 weeks. They hope to speed this up as the business gets slicker with its operations, but are asking customers to bear with them for now.

I know we’ve become used to a world with next day delivery, but remember what you’re supporting by purchasing a box – you’re providing food and vital supplies to a family in countries like Bangladesh, and you’re preventing tonnes of clothing going to landfill. More importantly, you’re not lining the pockets of companies who have behaved appallingly to workers in their supply chain.

Just think of it as a gift to your future self – you’ll forget you ordered a box, so it will be a lovely surprise in 6-8 weeks! Who doesn’t love a surprise package in the post?!

You can read much more about Lost Stock and the work they’re doing on their website – – and be sure to follow them on social media and spread the word.

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1 Comment

I think this is brilliant ! Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

I am like you not a fan of first hand high street shopping ! But this has a purpose I love it 🥰

My boy needs some new threads so I will definitely give this a go.

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