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As a self-published, independent author, I know the importance of word of mouth when it comes to selling my books. Reviews are like golddust to authors and we do a little dance every time we make a sale!

It’s been great to link up with other indie authors since I published my first book earlier this year, so I’d love to introduce some of them to you. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy their work as much as I do, and perhaps some of their books would be suitable as Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life?

Joanne’s creative storytelling combined with Kris Lillyman’s incredible illustrations make for some fantastic children’s books! Earlier this year, I read ‘Og’ on my Storytime with Lois YouTube channel and absolutely loved the story. Not long after, Joanne released her second book – ‘Hagwitch and the Cauldron of Colour’ – and she’ll soon be publishing book number three, which is all about ‘Hettie the Talking Yeti’! If you’re a fan of rhyming stories then you’ll definitely want to check out these three.

Before I published my first book, I took part in an online conference for children’s authors and joined a Facebook group where I ‘met’ Brandi. Brandi is another new children’s book author from America, who based her first book ‘Oh Deer!’ on a real experience her daughter Brooklyn had with a fawn back in 2013. The story follows Brooklyn’s dilemma when she finds a white-tailed fawn without its mother and in trouble, just as a thunderstorm is about to hit. She has to decide whether to intervene or allow nature to run its course. Brandi has had so much lovely feedback about her book, especially the important messages and lessons it can teach children about caring for wildlife.

A fellow Gloucestershire author, Becci’s fun and witty poetry book featured on my YouTube channel this year. However, it’s her StoryQuest books that I want to share with you, as you can be in charge of how the story plays out! These are really unique books where choosing a different page will result in a completely different story. Becci has recently added a fourth book to this collection in time for Christmas. Whether you buy one book or the whole set, you’re sure to have fun completing the challenges with your kids!

You may remember I wrote a book review of ‘Little Alf’ at the end of May – I absolutely loved it and finished the book in less than 24 hours! While it’s a great story for adults and older children, Hannah has also written a series of children’s picture books based on her miniature shetland pony. There are currently five books in The Magical Adventures of Little Alf series, with Hannah adding more books every year. There is also a lovely festive book called Little Alf and the Christmas Wish, which would be the perfect stocking filler for little ones. If you haven’t already seen my review, please click the link above and have a read – Hannah and Alf have such a sweet story and it will make reading her children’s books even more special when you understand the bond they share.

Piper’s Passport is a series of books following Piper and her family as they travel around the world. Having travelled extensively before university, Eleanor wanted to encourage children to aspire to travel and explore our beautiful world, as well as developing an understanding of different countries and cultures. As well as her books, Eleanor launched a Podcast earlier this year, on which Dave and Darcy Go to the Beach was featured, and she also conducts reading workshops with stimulating activities relating to her books.

Last but certainly not least, Karen Inglis played a huge part in my publishing journey, as her book ‘How to Self-Publish and Market a Children’s Book’ was pretty much my Bible when I was learning about becoming an author! Karen has published a variety of books for children of all ages, and her picture book ‘The Christmas Tree Wish’ has such a sweet story. One year, Karen saw a bedgraggled, unsold Christmas tree a few days before Christmas and she felt really sorry for it. She knew she had to write about him and give him a happy ending, which led to this heart-warming Christmas tale about hope, friendship and being different.

As you’ll have probably realised by now, I’m a real advocate for supporting small, independent businesses and authors, as I know first hand the hard work and effort that goes into marketing our work. Please check out these authors and their books (click on the subtitles to visit their websites), and if you like the look of their stories, consider buying a few for great gifts this Christmas. I’d love to know which books you end up purchasing and reading, so be sure to come back here and let me know in the comments!

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