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Dave and Darcy reflect on the year

On New Year’s Eve, Dave and Darcy sit down together and think about all the amazing things they’ve done this year.

From going on safari in Africa, to winning rosettes at the local pony show, they’ve had a busy 12 months!

“I think meeting the elephants was my favourite memory of the year,” says Dave. “I wonder how the baby elephant is now.”

“That was amazing,” replies Darcy. “We should write to Ayo next year and tell him everything we’ve been up to.”

“Great idea, Darcy. What is your favourite memory from this year?”

“Hmm, it’s so difficult to choose! Going to the pumpkin patch with Sasha was really fun, and so was ice skating. But I think the best bit was flying over jumps in the cross country competition!”

“Yeah, that was great fun!” Dave grins.

The pair think back over all the activities and trips they’ve had this year, as well as reflecting on the challenges they’ve faced.

“I’m really proud of you for learning how to swim, Dave. I know how scared you were of water but you were so brave.”

“Thank you, Darcy. I’m proud of you for joining the local football club. It’s great that they’ve now got enough members to start a girls’ team.

“I also think we both did a great job of raising money for the local animal rescue,” says Dave.

“What do you think our goals should be for next year?” asks Darcy.

“I’d like to start learning a new language,” replies Dave. “Maybe I could learn to say banana in 20 different languages!”

Darcy laughs. “My biggest goal is to go to pony camp in the summer! Mum and dad said I had to wait until I was big enough to be able to do all the activities, so I think they’ll let us go this year.”

“That would be so much fun!” Dave smiles. “Maybe we should write down three things we’d like to do this year and put them away until next New Year’s Eve. Then we can see if we achieved any of them.”

“That’s a great idea, Dave.”

They find some paper and pens, write down their ideas and ask Darcy’s mum to put the lists in a safe space so that they can read them at the end of next year.

Then they snuggle up on the sofa to watch a film and finish their Christmas treats.


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