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Dave and Darcy learn an instrument

One day when Darcy comes home from school, she tells Dave that her teacher has suggested she learns to play a musical instrument.

“Mrs. Morris said it can help to improve your memory and it might help to make me more confident,” says Darcy. “And we can play together when I get home from school!”

“Which instrument are you going to choose?” asks Dave.

“I’m not sure,” Darcy replies, “but Mrs. Morris said we can go to the music room and try the instruments to see which one I like best. Shall we go tomorrow?”

The next day, Dave and Darcy head into school and start playing the different instruments. The first one they try is the guitar, but Dave’s feet are too big to strum the strings.

Darcy picks out the flute, which starts well. She plays a pretty little tune, but after a while her arms begin to ache, so she doesn’t think this is the right one for her.

She tries the violin next, but it makes an awful screeching sound so she quickly puts it away!

Dave suggests the piano, but again his feet are too big and he is too clumsy to press the keys properly. He has a go on the French horn, but he blows too hard and Darcy says it’s far too loud.

The pair are having so much fun trying all of the different instruments, but they can’t decide on one for Darcy to learn.

Mrs. Morris pops her head around the door to see how they’re getting on.

“Not very well,” Darcy sighs. “Some of them are too heavy for me to hold, and Dave’s feet are too big for him to play the guitar and piano, so we wouldn’t be able to practice together.”

“How about the drums?” Mrs. Morris asks.

Both Dave and Darcy’s faces light up. “Of course!” smiles Darcy. “Dave doesn’t have to hold the drum sticks – he can just hit the drums and symbols with his feet!”

“I like the sound of that!” cheers Dave.

They sit at the drum kit and start tapping away, making loads of noise!

“This is so much fun,” says Dave.

“Pardon?” Darcy shouts! She can’t hear him over the noise.

Dave replies, “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!”

The pair giggle and carry on making music until the school bell rings. Darcy can’t wait to tell her mum which instrument she’s chosen to learn.


Fun fact

Did you know that horses can ‘dance’ to music? In competitions such as the Olympics, some horses take part in ‘Dressage to Music’ tests, where their rider asks them to perform a series of ‘dance’ moves in time to the music. British rider Charlotte Dujardin won a gold medal at the 2012 Olympics for dressage to music with her amazing horse Valegro.

If you’ve read Dave and Darcy Have a Birthday Party, you’ll know how much fun the ponies had playing Musical Statues at Dave’s party!


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I’d love to see your drawings to go with this short story! Please either tag me on social media (@loiskingscottauthor on Facebook or Instagram) or send a photo to and I’ll share the best ones on social media and this web page!

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