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Dave and Darcy have a weekend away

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

This weekend, Dave and Darcy are going away to a luxury spa hotel. They’ve never been to a fancy hotel before, so they’re looking forward to having lots of treats.

When they arrive, a smart young man helps them get their bags out of the car and walks with them to the front desk. The receptionist asks for their names and hands them a key to the room.

They go up in a lift to the fifth floor and the young man carries their bags into their room. Dave and Darcy are amazed.

“Wow!” says Darcy. “This room is huge. Look Dave, we’ve got a big bed each!”

“Ooh look, dressing gowns and slippers, too!” Dave says excitedly.

They unpack their bags into the wardrobe and put on their dressing gowns and slippers ready to go to the spa. Darcy’s mum kindly booked them a treatment each. Darcy is having a back massage and Dave is having a head massage.

When they get to the spa, the lady asks them to lie on the tables and get comfortable. About halfway through the treatments, Darcy hears a funny sound. She looks over at Dave and sees he’s fallen asleep and is snoring away.

After the massages, they go for a walk around the hotel. There is a big garden with lots of flowers and a pond with lily pads. Dave spots a frog so he goes over to say hello.

As the sun begins to set, Dave and Darcy head back to their hotel room.

“I’ve got an idea,” says Darcy. “Let’s order room service! We can choose anything from the menu and they’ll bring it to our room so we don’t have to get dressed for dinner!”

“That’s a great idea,” says Dave. “I love eating dinner in my pyjamas.”

Darcy uses the phone in the room to call down to reception and order their food. While they’re waiting, Dave decides to be cheeky. He picks up a pillow with his teeth and gently hits Darcy with it. She laughs then picks up another pillow and hits him back. Before long, they’re having a full-on pillow fight!

The pair are laughing so hard that they don’t hear knocking at the door. The phone rings and Darcy reaches over to pick it up.

“Hello Miss Darcy, your dinner has arrived at your room.”

“Oops, sorry, we didn’t hear the door!” Darcy giggles.

Dave walks over and opens the door, and the young man from earlier wheels in a trolley carrying two plates and a cool box.

“Thank you very much,” they both say to the man.

Darcy lifts the lid off her plate and reveals a big bowl of pasta with garlic bread. Dave lifts the lid off his plate and finds a carrot casserole. They tuck in and neither of them say a word until they’ve finished their meals.

“That was sooo yummy!” says Dave. “I think that’s the best pasta I’ve ever eaten!” says Darcy.

After a few minutes, Darcy opens the cool box and finds an enormous banana split with three flavours of ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and strawberry sauce.

Dave and Darcy both gasp and then start digging in. When they’ve finished, they’re both so full they can’t move. They put a film on the TV but they fall asleep before the end.

In the morning, they wake up and shower ready for breakfast. They get dressed and head downstairs to the restaurant area.

When they walk through the doors, Dave’s eyes nearly pop out of his head! The hotel has an all you can eat breakfast buffet and Dave can’t believe how many different foods are on offer.

Dave can’t decide what to choose first, but then he spots a big pile of pancakes. He goes over and stacks his plate high, then drizzles maple syrup over the pancakes and adds a hoof-ful of strawberries.

“I can’t believe you’re so hungry after dinner last night!” Darcy says. “I’ve only got room for a bowl of cereal and some fruit.”

“You know me, Darcy. I’m always hungry!” They both laugh.

Once Dave has eaten three platefuls of breakfast, they head back up to their room to pack their things. A lady comes to their room to help them with their bags, then they go down to the reception to check out.

“That was the best weekend ever!” Darcy thanks the receptionist.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourselves,” he replies. “We hope to see you here again soon.”

Dave grins and says, “as long as you’ve got the all you can eat breakfast buffet, we’ll definitely be back!”


If you liked this story, you’ll love the Dave and Darcy picture book series, which you can purchase here.

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