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Dave and Darcy go to an art class

Darcy is really enjoying art lessons at school, so this weekend she takes Dave to a local art class so that he can have a go.

When they get there, the teacher explains that there will be three parts to the lesson. Firstly, they will all have a go at painting an object on the table at the front of the room. Then they will try drawing each other. Finally, they are to paint something that means a lot to them.

For the first part, the teacher brings out a big bowl of fruit and places it on the table. Dave’s eyes light up and his stomach rumbles.

The class are given 20 minutes to paint the fruit bowl, and the teacher wanders around the room to help if anyone gets stuck.

“That looks great, Darcy. Great use of colours, but you haven’t painted the banana.”

“There isn’t one in the bowl,” Darcy replies.

The teacher turns round to find that the banana and one of the apples is missing from the bowl. She looks over at Dave who is munching away and starts laughing.

“You can’t eat the props, Dave!”

“Sorry,” he mumbles with a mouthful of banana. “I forgot to eat breakfast and I was so hungry!”

The whole group start laughing.

“That’s ok, I think everyone is done. Now, let’s move on to drawing each other. Find a partner, take a few minutes to study their face and then have a go at drawing them.”

Dave and Darcy pick up their pencils and start sketching. Darcy draws Dave’s big brown eyes, while Dave enjoys putting lots of dots on the paper for Darcy’s freckles.

Once they’ve finished, they move on to the final part of the lesson. Dave is excited to get creative and decides to paint his field.

He holds the paintbrush in his mouth and starts swishing it over the page with lots of different colours.

Darcy chooses to paint a beach, as it’s one of her favourite holiday memories with Dave. She mixes blues and greens for the sea, then paints the yellow sand. She adds a crab, buckets and spades and a colourful beach ball.

When they’ve all finished, the teacher goes around the class and asks everyone to show their painting and explain why it means a lot to them. After each person shows their work, everyone claps and says well done.

Dave is the last student to hold up his painting and when he does, the whole class gasps.

“Dave, that’s beautiful,” says the teacher. “The pinks and purples in the sky are so pretty. Why have you chosen to paint this?”

“It’s the sun setting over my field at home. Every night I sit and watch the sun go down and think about all the fun things I’ve done with my best friend, Darcy. Tonight I’ll think about how much fun we had in this art class!”

“That’s lovely Dave, well done. I hope to see you at another class very soon.”

Dave and Darcy carefully pack up their masterpieces to take home and show Darcy’s parents.

Later that evening, Darcy is allowed to stay up late to watch the sun go down with Dave. The sky is just as beautiful as in Dave’s painting, so they both go to bed very happy.


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