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Dave and Darcy bake a cake

One of Darcy’s school friends, Jaden, has his birthday this week, so Darcy asks her mum if she and Dave can bake a cake for him.

“Of course you can,” Darcy’s mum replies. “But let me know when you’re going to put it in the oven so I can help you – I don’t want you to burn yourselves.”

“Thanks mum! What flavour shall we make, Dave?”

“I love carrot cake, but I think most people love chocolate!” he replies.

They find a recipe in Darcy’s mum’s cookbook, then they get all of the ingredients out of the cupboard and fridge.

Darcy pours the ingredients into the bowl while Dave mixes it all together. They get the tins ready and carefully split the mixture in half.

“Mum!” shouts Darcy. “We’re ready to put it in the oven!”

While the cake is cooking, they get to enjoy the best bit – licking the bowl! Darcy runs her finger around it a couple of times before letting Dave lick the rest. His tongue is so big that it only takes one lick to clean the bowl!

Once the cake is out of the oven and has cooled down, they decide what to put on top. Darcy has been practicing her handwriting, so she pipes the words ‘Happy Birthday’ onto the cake in bright yellow icing.

They decide to finish it with a sprinkling of icing sugar, but Dave accidentally drops the bag on the floor and a huge cloud of icing sugar covers the kitchen!

“Oops!” They both laugh so much that Darcy’s mum comes back to see what’s going on. She can’t help but smile at how silly they both look with icing sugar all over them.

“At least you got some on the cake,” she laughs. “Now come on, time to clean up.”

Dave and Darcy wash up all the bowls and cake tins, and wipe down the sides. They carefully put the cake in a box and place it in the fridge, ready to take to school the next day.

“I hope everyone likes it,” says Dave. “The cake batter was very yummy so I bet it tastes great!”

“I wish we could eat it now!” says Darcy. “It smells so good. I think Jaden is going to love it.”

The pair reward themselves by watching their favourite film, snuggled up on the sofa.


Fun fact

Did you know that race horses are given a birthday of the 1st January to make it easier to categorise them into age groups? This practice has also been used for other horses, so when humans don’t know the exact date a horse was born (if the horse’s records aren’t up to date), they automatically give it a birthday of the 1st January.

When Dave came to Cotswold Riding for the Disabled, they didn’t have a record of his actual birth date from his previous owners, so we said it was the 1st January. However, when I was writing Dave and Darcy Have a Birthday Party, I decided to give Dave a birthday of the 23rd September, as this was the date on which I bought him in 2016.


If you liked this story, you’ll love the Dave and Darcy series, which you can purchase here.

I’d love to see your drawings to go with this short story! Please either tag me on social media (@loiskingscottauthor on Facebook or Instagram) or send a photo to and I’ll share the best ones on social media and this web page!

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