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Children’s picture book Dave and Darcy Go to the Beach by Lois Kingscott Author

Dave and Darcy Go to the Beach

Dave and Darcy are off to the beach for their summer holidays and a week filled with fun. Follow them on their adventures as they make friends and memories by the sea – but watch out for that naughty seagull!

Coming Soon!

Go to the Show Front Cover.jpg

Dave and Darcy Go to the Show

Dave and Darcy dress up smart to go to the local village pony show. They face many challenges throughout the day including big jumps and tricky dressage routines! How will they do in the competitions? Will they win any rosettes?

Dave and Darcy Have a Birthday Party – coming in 2021!

It’s Dave’s birthday and the whole gang have come to celebrate with him and Darcy! There will be lots of fun games and lots of yummy cake. Make sure you don’t miss the party!

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